Christmas Movies We Watch Every Year

It's a Wonderful Life Movie Marquee

My family snuggles under Christmas blankets, and we watch our favorite films year after year. In 2021, we watched White Christmas with Bing Crosby for our first selection after Thanksgiving. 

We discovered The Christmas Candle and its message of hope. Believing in miracles is the point of Christmas. It’s painful to see a pastor who doesn’t believe in the divine and only in himself, but the story is one of redemption.  

The Ultimate Gift is the tale of a trust fund kid who hasn’t learned the value of anything except fun. The will of his wealthy grandfather challenges his beliefs, and he befriends a wise girl who is suffering from pediatric cancer. They celebrate Christmas in Texas. 

My children encouraged me to laugh through Elf, and I finally found the message endearing after years of shunning the message. Child-like love of Christmas traditions is a timeless message. 

We alternate between The Nativity Story and The Muppets Christmas Carol for our Christmas Eve movie after the candlelight service. My family focused on Santa when I was growing up, so I did not see the Muppets movie until I was in my late twenties. It was all-Santa, all the time for me. I fell asleep during the first viewing, but I now consider it a must-watch classic. 

This year I watched Beyond Christmas from the 1940s, and I recommend this one for mom to watch alone with a cup of hot tea. I like decaf Chai or Throat Coat. I find myself drinking Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals even when I am not ill. Beyond Christmas highlights the kindness of strangers. 

We watch The Family Man every year because I appreciate the reminder that the fabulously wealthy do not have it all if they do not have friends and family at their side. I wish I could catch a glimpse of what my life would be like if I had started off the mothering journey with more wisdom and knowledge. We have had highs and lows in our finances, so I already understand that lesson. 

It’s a Wonderful Life is an enduring classic because the story is relatable. Even if the thought is brief, many of us struggle with wondering if our life is worth living. I am married to a man who gives and gives and gives, and I hope this movie encourages him. Our lives are rich because of him. 


Christmas Movies We Enjoy: Watch Once Edition

My husband and son watched Jingle All the Way this year with Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger. My parents hit the stores for Cabbage Patch kids when I was little. Soon after Christmas, our car windows were smashed, and the dolls went to a new home. I bought Cabbage Patch animals for my daughter this year. The smell is identical, and it instantly brings me back to childhood. 

Home Alone is a watch once movie for me, but my kids might watch it more than once every year. How do you feel about this comedy? 

Jack Frost is a movie I haven’t seen in years, but I like the idea of a father improving his son’s life even after death. 


Christmas Movies & Shows I Haven’t Seen but Plan to Watch

Christmas in Connecticut and The Shop Around the Corner. I assume You’ve Got Mail is a modern version of The Shop Around the Corner. Am I correct? I like Meg Ryan movies. Sleepless in Seattle starts on Christmas Eve. Are there other movies with Christmas scenes you watch in winter’s darkness? 

A Boy Called Christmas 

Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas 

8 Bit Christmas 

The Spirit of Christmas is a Hallmark movie I might watch alone. Have you liked any of the cheesy Hallmark movies? 

Martha Stewart’s Homemade Holidays was inspired by my friend Lisa’s family traditions. Thanks, Lisa! 

Rick Steeve’s Christmas in Europe 

Gingerbread Journeys 

Candy Cane Pointe Dancer

Nicolay Super Triumph Pointe Shoes that have been replaced for Nova Flex, and the fit is much better.  

Santa Movies I Like

The Grinch, the original animated movie, is better than the Jim Carey version, I think. 

I saw Polar Express in the theatres. I believed in Santa until I was almost ten. A boy at the bus stop destroyed my Christmas in the 1980s. Santa brings one, small, unwrapped gifts to my kids from age 4-9 because they insist. This year, he brought paint and wooden pictures. I don’t want them to be devastated like I was.  

Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause movies 

Olides But Goodies

Good Housekeeping’s List includes a Shirley Temple Movie